Calling All RNs prior to 1970!! Newbie Needs Your Help!

  1. Hi everyone!!
    Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm an "older than average" student soon to graduate (May 07!), and I need some assistance from those RNs out there who completed their education prior to 1970. Our Issues & Trends class wants us to "interview" a nurse to compare our education to theirs and how the training has changed over the years (diploma/degree/certificate, classroom lecture, clinicals, hours worked, responsibilities, types of facilities you worked in, etc).

    Our clinicals this semester don't start until next week, so I won't have access to the nurses on that unit, and the assignment is due next Monday (1/22).

    I chose not to work while I was going to school, so I can't really "ask someone I work with". I've been stressing a bit on what to do, when a little light bulb went off over my head. ALLNURSES.COM!! (Duh!)

    Anything you can contribute would be helpful. A few short sentences will suffice.

    So glad I found you, and I'll try not to be so much of a stranger.

    Future RN
    May 2007
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  3. by   sirI
    hello and welcome to

    i moved your thread, which was deeply buried in an off-topic forum, to the nursing student assistance forum for a better response.

    there will be those who were educated prior to 1970 who will come along and assist you.

    glad to have you with us. enjoy the site!!!!
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi - welcome!

    I read all of Echo Heron's books prior to school and it scared the life out of me. Her book on what her nursing school experience was like was so unlike what nursing school is like now. She went to school in the early 70's . . maybe even late 60's.

    This is a good assignment - however I was in the 7th grade in 1970.

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