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Guys i really do not understand how to do this. The physician orders Pronestyl at 1 mg/min. Solution avail. is 1gm in 500cc D5W. What rate shoud it run if drip factor is 60 gtt/mL. I know... Read More

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    to do any drug calculations you always want to keep this formula in mind: dose desired divided by dose on hand gives you the dose to be given. to work this problem by dimensional analysis you will want to end up with an answer that has the label of "drops" in the numerator and "minutes" in the denominator. you set up an equation to do that. . .
    dose desired: 1 mg/1 minute
    dose on hand: 1 gram/500 cc

    you also need to consider the drip factor of the tubing being used since the problem is asking you for the infusion rate to run this solution: 60 drops/1 ml.

    conversion factor: 1 gram/1000 mg

    you also must understand that a cc is equal to a ml.

    1 mg/1 minute (dose desired) x 500 cc/1 gram (dose on hand) x 1 gram/1000 mg (conversion factor) x 60 gtts/1 ml (drip factor of iv tubing) = 30 gtts/minute
    there are links to all kinds of websites with information on how to read and interpret ekgs on this thread: