Assistance with Health Promotion

  1. Hello, I'm new to the boards, but I have read through for information from time to time. I am a third semester nursing student, and after having the Summer off, I am not feeling like I have the hang of things as much as I did last semester.
    At our school, third semester we do our second go around of med/surg... The more in depth stuff, if you will. However, in the care plans, and in the course objectives, there is information relating to health promotion in the client. I understand teaching is a huge part of nursing, but I'm having a lot of difficulty pulling this together with the disorders and diseases. For example, I am studying stoma care, and ostomies currently, and the course objective is asking for health promotion activities for the client with an ostomy. Our book does not refer to anything specifically either, I've been searching all over!

    Am I thinking too far into this? Does anyone know of any resources for this?
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  3. by   dudette10
    Think about what you want to prevent when one has an ostomy. Then, what would you do to prevent it?

    Skin breakdown is the very first thing I think of when someone has an ostomy....
  4. by   NuteRN
    Diet/Fluid intake is a good thing to look at too. If it is a colostomy, you have to keep in mind that the more colon that is unused, then there is less H20 absorption happening. Another good topic is patient teaching on self care of the ostomy. Explaining what to do and why.