Assignment Complete, please critique.....

  1. I had to give 6 Nursing Diagnosis ( combined from ) three pt's, that were high level or most important. And then rank them as highest priority to lowest.

    Here is what I got.
    Pt with CHF
    Pt with hyperkalemia
    Pt with osteomylitis, nephrolithisis, and diversion colitus.

    6 Diagnosis that I cam up with were

    1#Decreased Cardiac out put
    2 Impaired gas exchange
    3 Fluid volume excess
    4 Activity intolerence R/T fatigue, secondary to cardiac insufficiancy
    5 Ineffective mgmnt of therapeutic regime r/t lack of adherence to low sodium diet
    6 Skin Integrity, risk for impaired, r/t edema

    What do you think. Do those sound high level, enough and is the order sufficient for their priority?
    Please Pro's let me know your thoughts..
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  3. by   Daytonite
    the order of priority sounds ok to me. i would change a few of the related factors. also, are you using a current nanda list of diagnoses? i've written the diagnoses as they are listed (language-wise) in the current 2005 publications from nanda.
    1. decreased cardiac output r/t impaired cardiac function
    2. impaired gas exchange r/t excessive fluids in lungs
    3. excess fluid volume r/t impaired sodium and water excretion
    4. activity intolerance r/t fatigue secondary to cardiac insufficiency
    5. ineffective therapeutic regime management r/t failure to integrate prescribed treatments into daily routine
    6. risk for impaired skin integrity r/t altered circulation