Apa: How Do You Cite The Nurse Practice Act?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm writing a paper, which has to be in APA style, but I'm not sure how to cite the nurse practice act (for CA) in my paper. I can't find the info in my APA book, nor in my APA software.

    Anyone know?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    try using the david warlick's landmarks citation machine at http://citationmachine.net/
    on the left side of this web page are a listing of the various types of references you want to reference. click on the one that is close to what you want. a page comes up where you fill in the information for the reference and then click a button to get the references. what you will get next will be two citations for the reference; one in apa style and the other in mla style. since you want the apa style just select that particular text and then copy and paste it into your paper. my last instructor was so impressed when i found this site that she has started listing it on her syllabus! (about cutting and pasting. . .if you want to change the pasted text to the same font and print style you are using on your paper you can do it in one stroke. once you have copied the citation from the machine, click on the "edit" button at the top of your word document, click on "paste special", then click on "unformatted text". the pasted text will automatically be converted to the formatted font and print style you have been using for your paper.)

    the nurse practice act will be either from a publication of the bon or from law. the nice thing about the citation machine is that you just plug in all the information you have on the source of your quote and it does the rest. even if you can't find your source listed at the left side of this web page, kind of imagine where it might fit in. i noticed when i was setting up references of web sites that the machine will ask for some information that doesn't get used in the apa style anyway. if you are quoting from your bon website, then you click on "website" on the landmark machine. the information you need from a website will usually be at the very bottom of the web page, or can partially be found by clicking on "properties" in the drop down menu under "file" at the top left menu bar at the top of the page. we had to do a paper where we quoted a lot of stuff from the medicare law, both federal and state, that we got on line. here is how the landmark citation machine set these up for me (i'm just copying and pasting them from my paper for you as examples to look at.)

    national archives and records administration, (2003). title 42 public health. retrieved october 31, 2004, from code of federal regulations web site: http://www,access,gpo.gov.

    state of california, (2004). title 22 social security. retrieved nov. 21, 2004, from california code of regulations web site: http://www.calregs.com.

    i also referenced the citation machine!

    landmarks citation machine. (2000). retrieved nov. 23, 2004, from landmarks for schools web site: http://www.landmark-project.com/citation_machine.

    hope this is helpful for you. copy and paste as much as possible as it lowers the risk of making typos. there are other citation machines on the web if you do a search for "citation machines". lots of luck. have fun! it's up to you if you want to share this gem with your fellow students!

    p.s. just wanted to point out that while this forum software took my copy and paste of the citations, it did not take the paragraph formatting. when you cite a reference in a bibliography of your paper you use a hanging indentation of 5 inches. daytonite
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  4. by   VickyRN
    Quote from Daytonite
    Try using the David Warlick's Landmarks Citation Machine at http://citationmachine.net/
    This is an innovative resource, Daytonite! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Other goodies (on APA):



    California Nursing Practice Act:


  5. by   NTPinky
    Wow, I wish I knew about this before I spent $30 on that APA software! Thanks a lot, I love this board! :wink2: