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Ok I'm studying and I need helpppp!! Can anyone show me how to work this out? I've gone over it and over it.. You have Dobutamine 1GM in 250 mls. What is the concentration of mcq to mls?... Read More

  1. by   cindyRN 2006
    1 gm converts to 1,000,000 mcg divided by 250 ml =4000
    Hope it helps.
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  2. by   sandypinktruck
    Sorry sorry sorry -
    I think my brain cells have died -

    1gram = 1,000,000 mcg

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  3. by   honeyb111
    1 gr = 1000 mg
    1000 mg =1,000,000 mcg
    1,000,000mcg/250ml = 4000mcg/ml

    Its the number of zeros that's throwing everyone off
  4. by   liljsmom02
    the way my pharm instructor told us to do calculations is to look at what you have and then at what you need. convert so that both are the same ( mg and gm to either both mg's or both gm's). then solve your problem.
  5. by   Goldenhare
    If anyone is interested.......I have a simple way to figure these kind of problems. Some of you may think it is too simplistic, but when I was first starting calculations, I was scared to death of the math-Thanks here goes to Mr. Saversco, my 4th grade math teacher I am now confident at most calculations, but a bit slow. Anyways, this method is hard to explain on this site, but here goes.

    When you have to convert from grams to micrograms, write it out like this

    grams milligrams micrograms

    Each "measurement" equals 3 0's. Since you know how many grams, put that number there. Remember to correctly place the decimal at this time.

    grams milligrams micrograms
    1. 000 000

    Now let's say that you have the posters problem, and have to convert 1 gram to micrograms.

    grams milligrams micrograms
    1. 000 000

    For every measurement that you move towards micrograms, the decimal moves 3 places. Put 0's in each empty decimal place.

    grams milligrams micrograms
    1 000 000.

    1 gram=1,000,000 micrograms. (note where the decimal ends up!)-I use a pencil and actually loop that decimal over to the right.

    Now the question is 1,000,000 micrograms / 250 milliliters
    Answer=4000 micrograms per milliliter

    This works with any conversion. Just fill in the worksheet with the information and remember-if you are going smaller, go right. If you are going larger, go left. Now before all you math pros start laughing......after I discovered this method, I may have finished last on conversion tests, but I always scored 100 and taught others how to do it. I hope it helps for those of you who don't get math! (Invented by men with too much time on their hands I say! No offense guys! ) If you have any question e-mail me!

    PS I just previewed this and it gets squished all together. Grams should have a 1 under it. Milligrams column should have 000 under it and micrograms should have 000 under it. Decimal placement is OK. Sorry this got long.
  6. by   LSU-RN
    I'm happy that you finally got what the correct answer was!!!
    Anyway- keep on keepin' on with school- it will be over before you know it.