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    Should a nurse continues to give an alzheimer patient medication, even if the patient says "no"? I know for alert and oriented patient, you have to write refuse, because forcing the patient to take the medications would be battery. A friend of mine had a patient this past weekend and gave the client meds after patient refused, but patient had end-stage alzheimer. The patient only word was "no".
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  3. by   Daytonite
    We would often crush the pills of Alzheimer's patients that did this and put them in their food with the OK of their doctor and family. If the patient was physically fighting or resisting the taking of medications or food, you have no choice but to stop and notify the doctor. Often, the patient is no longer able to make decisions and there is someone who has guardianship or a facility will go to court and obtain a guardianship so decisions can be made about how to handle situations like this.