Acoholism, nursing intervention

  1. Hi Everyone, I need some infor on nursing diagnoses and intervention for acoholism. Thanks
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  3. by   Daytonite
    i'm assuming this is for a case study of a non-existent patient since you list no symptoms or problems the patient has. you need to start with getting information about the disease of alcoholism. usually, when an intervention is done and the patient agrees to go into treatment the first thing that occurs is physical detox from the effects of alcohol--withdrawal. i've listed a website where you can get information on the medical treatment of detox and withdrawal. the second phase is psychological support. - alcoholism: getting the facts - information on the medical management and treatment of alcohol withdrawal. you need to know the symptoms of withdrawal in order to determine the nursing diagnoses for your care plan. - family intervention for alcoholism and how it works

    every nursing diagnosis has a definition, etiologies (related factors), and symptoms (defining characteristics). you learn the patient's symptoms from the assessment you made during the first step in the nursing process. the symptoms are the abnormal findings in the assessment process, not the normal ones. this information comes from the patient's chart and other written data as well as the physical assessment you make. using your knowledge of the pathophysiology of the medical disease and your critical thinking you are able to determine what the underlying cause of each nursing diagnosis is. a three part nursing diagnostic statement involves three things:
    the problem (stated as the nursing diagnosis)--etiology (cause of the problem)--symptoms (defining characteristics)
    if you are new at doing this, it is very helpful to have a nursing diagnosis book to help you out since these books list the defining characteristics for each of the 172 nursing diagnoses. to help you with this you should read the information on these two threads:
    if you are still having problems determining your nursing diagnoses please list the patients symptoms and the problem you are having with choosing the nursing diagnosis i will help you.
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    Hi Daytonite,

    Thanks for responding to my post. The information you gave me was very helpful. I presented my report in clinicals and my instructor was very pleased, so thank you.