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I am a single mom of a 4 year old and am looking at going into LVN school pretty soon. Does anyone have any advice at what to do?? I plan on daycare for him and getting a job for me but I am not sure if I can work as a student nurse just yet or if I have to wait until I start on clinicals. Anyone know anything about the Amarillo area please let me know as I am looking for jobs and more. :nurse:

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A lot depends upon how much money you feel you have to make to survive...It's hard to work very much while in school.

I know several single moms who are in fast paced LVN training programs that last a year. They go to school or do clinicals about 10 hours mon-fri and then work on the weekends. It's very hard but they all feel like it will be easier to work hard for one year than go to the slower paced 18mos programs. But all of these women either live at home and their parents to help with their children or they have husbands/boyfriends to help out.

Tell us more about your personal situation. I bet there will be other women who have struggled with your same issues and can give you good advice.

What is it that you want to know about the Amarillo area, I can answer these questions because that is where I live!! I went to LVN school as a single mother and did not have to work, I was one for 8 years and graduated in Dec with my ADN. As far as working as a student nurse, you have to have your first level done and the VA will hire you as a SN other wise the other hospitals hire as tech's. If I can answer anything else feel free to ask and I will do my best!!:roll

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