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With the nursing shortage are other hospitals using unlicensed personnel to do patient care? How do you feel about this? Does it work for you? How are they being trained? Are there any legal issues to be concerned about? Our hospital has just start training and hiring personnel. I work in a specialized area, so we do not have unlicensed personnel in my area. I have only heard from other areas about this issue. I was curious how others felt about this issue.


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I work ICU so they aren't doing it yet, anyway. God knows they will try! I think if there are not enough licensed personnel to staff the hospital, the 5,000 suits with RN after their names who are now nursing exec need to put their money where their mouth is, dust off their stethoscopes and get back to the bedside! What's the matter suit people, don't want to work under such bad conditions????? I totally disagree with unlicensed people providing direct patient care. It has been proven to be unsafe and it is the nurse with a license who will take the fall. Most hospitals train from 2 to 6 weeks. The caliber of some of the people I have seen...SCARY! There are some great aides out there but they don't seem to end up where I work. I swear half of our people are from ARC programs! I wouldn't want to have my license on the line or a loved ones butt on the line!

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kate, the idea is not good. You know that. See you at the debate on Wed. Lynn

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