Nursing shoes w/Lordosis


I know there are a lot of topics covering the best nursing shoes out there for nurses on their feet all day but I am just wondering if the same goes for nurses on their feet all day with lordosis. I was recently diagnosed and have always had back pain from it but now that I am working 12 hour shifts, the back pain is worse. Are there any nurses with lordosis that find comfort in certain shoes vs. others?

Thank you to anyone who offers input.

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how does nursing shoes relates to back pain/lordosis??

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#nurseb, have you found anything that works? I have slight Lordosis too. I have a pair of Danskos, it my feet just don't seem to like them... I stick with Adidas so far... Love Saucony, but they don't hold up or last very long...


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Danskos killed my feet! My Alegrias are extremely comfortable. I've only had them a few days though.

It's so hard to be on your feet for 12+ hours without comfortable shoes!