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Nursing Shoes

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I am a nursing student and will be starting my clinicals this fall. I have to get my shoes pretty soon and I am completely lost on what to get. I have been looking at Nurse Mates, particularly the Dove style and also the Andes style, but I am really unsure. I have back problems and nerve damage along with permanent tendonitis in my ankle, so I really want to get a comfortable shoe that is not going to make my current problems worse. Any suggestions? Also, if anyone knows of chain stores like Sears or JC Penney's they can refer me to for the shoes, that'd be awesome since I'd like to be able to try them on as well.

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Have you considered Danskos? I always suggest them. But honestly, the shoes feel like custom made comfy slippers after they're broken in. They are good for your back and your feet. I bought my first pair before I started nursing school.

Before you spend any money, be sure you are familiar with your school's dress code for clinical, and that any shoes you decide you like meet the requirements of the dress code. Schools are typically pretty strict about their dress codes, and it would be a shame to spend money on shoes you couldn't wear.

I always was v. happy with SAS shoes.

Best wishes!

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Specializes in Med-Surg, Psych, Geri, LTC, Tele.

I brought in pics of my shoes to the nursing dept prior to forking over the money. Good shoes aren't cheap, but as my DON said, you only get 1 back and 2 legs to last your whole life.

Get a good pair of lace up nurse mates. Also see a podiatrist for some supports if you need them.