where can I get my Littmann stethoscope engraved?

  1. I bought mine online and they dont offer engraving, I'm just wondering where can I get mine locally?
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  3. by   amoLucia
    In the past, I've had things engraved at a jeweler's shop. Also had engraving done at those kiosks in the center aisle at the malls.

    If you leave something, make sure you get a receipt until you return.
  4. by   amelia_sn
    Things remembered will do it- but I agree with amoLucia, if you need to leave your steth be sure you have and keep your receipt!
  5. by   flutist
    I had asked at Things Engraved (canada) which is one of the mall kiosks. They said that they wouldn't engrave it since they didn't know how and didn't want to wreck the stethoscope.
  6. by   amelia_sn
    You know, flutist- come to think of it when I took mine to the kiosk site of things remembered; they wouldn't do it either- and for the same reason. I took my steth to one of the actual stores that was located outside of a mall and they had it engraved and back in my hands in less than 30 minutes. Maybe the kiosks just aren't prepared or have different engraving machines available.
  7. by   nursejade4
    Thanks for sharing! I am going to call my local store and try this.