What's your Littmann stethescope of choice? - page 2

I'm eyeballing the Classic II S.E. because it looks like it'll get the job done without being too costly. I want something under $150 because I know I'm going to lose it, I lose everything I buy... Read More

  1. by   fetch33
    I have the Classic II. Did you know that when the tubing wears out and cracks, you can cut the bell off and send it to Littmann. For about $35 they will clean it and put on new tubing and ear pieces in the color of your choice. It also gets a two year warranty. I did this with my stethoscope last year and it is as good as new! Just Google the website for info.
  2. by   Mudwoman
    I have a Littmann Lightweight that I've had for 13 years. I love it.
  3. by   scribblerpnp
    I've had both types and prefer the Cardiology III. I found it was less expensive to purchase on line than buying at a store. For me, I needed an stethoscope that worked well for peds/infants/ and adolescents and this one fit the bill. It IS heavier, but this hasn't been a problem for me. I've had mine for 4 years, used it extensively and haven't treated it very nice (floor of car, bottom of duffel bag, etc) and there is no look of wear or tear to it at all. I have also found that applying a small amount of baby oil, cooking oil to the tubing periodically keeps it supple and keeps the tubing from cracking.
  4. by   marilynmom
    Another vote for the Cardiology III. Someone gave it to me and I can't say enough about it, you can hear *everything*. I love it!

    I had a Sprauge and though it is ok for basic nursing I sometimes had trouble even hearing bowel sounds if they room wasn't quite enough, there were times I wouldn't even hear s1 and s2 with it if the room wasn't quite enough. But there are nurses who use them so its just very individual!
  5. by   dano
    Well I ordered the Cardiology III after all the good things you guys had to say about it. $135 shipped from Redding.

    I tried it out on my family lol. I've never auscultated a baby before and I tried it out on my 4 month old nephew. It's cool to hear a HR that high.
  6. by   jill48
    I love the Littman stethescopes. They are so light and work so much better than the cheaper ones. If I may offer one piece of advice, don't get it in black. I have had more doctors steal my black stethescopes than I can count. I prefer black because it looks more professional. But now I buy pink or teal - I seem to keep them out of others' hands longer.
  7. by   EmerNurse
    Love my Master Cardiology - have had it for years. I like a little weight on my 'scopes, because then I REALLY notice if it's not around my neck LOL - I don't forget it and if I take it off to use, and set it down, I notice very quickly.

    I put an allergy band around the center part (wrapped around a couple times) with my name on it because the engraving is small and doesn't show up from far away. I guard it with my life - I had a sprague stolen once and vowed never to let it happen to this one. Also, I have a littman peds/infant 'scope and several cheaper models - you know, you collect things hehe.
  8. by   mom23RN
    Another vote for the Master Cardiology. I LOVE it!
  9. by   dano
    I've got a doctor friend who said to trade someone with a colored one earpieces and diaphragm rings. I guess the colored ones are different colors than the black one, so this way if someone has swiped it, it makes it easy to spot out since they don't come that way normally. Just an idea if you guys haven't considered it already.
  10. by   Ayvah
    Love my cardiology III!
  11. by   masstudent
    I took an EMT class and tended to have a tough time hearing blood pressues with a "regular" stethescope. Truthfully I am not sure what kind it is, I know it is not a sprauge and is not lightweight like the type that come with a BP cuff. Normally I don't have trouble hearing anything. What is a good stethescope for a new student nurse (hopefully in 2007) that has found she has trouble with a basic stethescope-I think the one I bought many years ago cost $30? I am looking for ideas to ask for a christmas present (also any other things a new nurse might need besides scrubs, BP cuff, Taber dictionary)?