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I'm just getting back into nursing after being a SAHM for 10 years. When I was in LPN school I had a Littman Lightweight and hated that thing. Worthless IMHO. I'm not even sure they sell them... Read More

  1. by   catslave
    I use the Littmann electronic 3000. Truly a good investment.
  2. by   mcknis
    If you are still thinking, I do have a select, and it works fine for me, several of the girls on my floor, also have the select and do fine with it. Suggest you go try some other scopes out, whether at the hospital or at a local uniform store.
  3. by   RNandlovingit
    Quote from melpn
    DRG's- cheaper than my Littman Master Classic II, lighter, have a neat little thing in the middle so it doesn't slip off your neck. Also come with anti bacterial diaphragm covers (replaceable) and they sound great. My RRT boyfriend loves his. I think the whole name is Doctor's Research Group.

    I just bought a DRG and let me tell you I love this stethoscope. I work as a Hospice nurse and was having problems hearing with my Littman. Have had absolutely no problems with the DRG!!!! After buying 3 littmans in the last 2 years and watching them somehow grow legs and disappear, I was not willing to shell out the big bucks anymore. Actually the DRG is about the same price is a littman lightweight, but I hate the lightweights!!!
  4. by   knob
    I have a DRG Cardiology stethoscope, and personally, I'm not a fan. The ear pieces, which are gel filled (neat in theory), are prone to breaking open. The diaphragms are fairly expensive (they don't always last very long), and frankly, I can't hear much with it.

    It also has a steel coil in it that is supposed to reduce noise, but in my experience, all it does is make it difficult to hold around your neck (it doesn't just drop around your neck like other stethoscopes, it tends to stick out, as if you're going to sprout wings from your chest).

    So I just ordered a Littmann Master Cardiology. I figure it can't really be any worse than this one, and there has to be a reason why Littmann's are so popular.

    Note: It's not a TERRIBLE stethoscope, but the flexible diaphragms (they're like a rubber sleeve that goes over the bell) makes it touchy. If you don't hold it just right against the skin, you lose all of the sounds. If you hold it just right, it works. However, I consistently have trouble hearing the apical. It's so muffled that I can't even begin to try to count it. It's like hearing a mouse in the wall -- you can tell SOMETHING is there, but you can't tell much more than that. Let alone if it's regular or if there is any murmur present.
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  5. by   aundrea543
    I've been looking into stethoscopes and was curious about the tubing. One of the product descriptions I was looking at says:

    "Double tubing offers improved acoustic separation"

    Is this true? What are your thoughts on Double vs. single tubing?
    Just curious and would love to hear your