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Hey all~ I am doing research for a line of scrubs and would like to find out what nurses like/ dislike about their uniforms. I am a fashion design student that recently spent some time in the... Read More

  1. by   flamingomama
    I love to wear drawstring flared scrub pants and print tops. The tops have, have, have to have the two pockets on the front to stash all my stuff. I would like it if there were more prints to choose from, I always find ones with flowers and I like more unique designs.
  2. by   futurenursethatcares
    I have been in healthcare for about 2 1/2 years now and of course I own lots of scrubs from several different companies. I love all the ideas I have been reading. Bigger pockets, better waist lines, etc, etc. One thing I would love to see in scrubs for winter time is a little heavier material. I work overnights and yes I have the bad smoking habit that until I finally quit I have to go outside and it gets mighty cold the wind going right through my pants. Makes me feel like this monkey dancing around to stay warm. LOL Anyway, that would be my wish.
    Hugs to you all,
  3. by   ShariDCST
    i think i forgot to mention one thing - in fact, i'm sure i did. our corporate parent company has made dress code changes in all three hospitals under the corporate "umbrella." we are all relegated to wearing specific solid colors, depending on what we do. for instance, we (cst's) and ob staff wear ceil blue (provided by the hospital), rns wear royal blue and/or white; lpn's i believe wear a tan/khaki color; the unit techs/psa's wear burgundy; unit secretaries wear black and white; radiology dept wears navy blue, and so on. only peds staff is allowed to wear print tops. and from what i have been reading and hearing about lately, this trend is extending far and wide. so, it would probably be a good idea to stock a wide variety of solid colors, as well as prints for those who aren't hidebound by the whims of corporate rule.
  4. by   PRESLA
    ] I love the feel of the material of the scrubs made by Nu dimension they don't wear out in the inside of the legs as fast. Scrubs that also stretch as the day goes by.

  5. by   melpn
    Has anyone mentioned pockets? Pants- Line the pockets with tricot so scissors, pens, etc. don't tear through them. Cargo pockets on both legs. Slash pockets on the sides too. Drawstring with elastic in the back. Tops- Forget the breast pocket because everything falls out of it when you lean over anyway. Maybe a drawstring or a little elastic in the back for a bit of shape. Offer two lengths; one that hits near the bottom of the behind and one just at the top of the hipbone. V-neck that doesn't show the goods when you put your badge on and lean over. Patch pockets. -Thanks for asking. Hope you are doing well.
  6. by   harlynurse
    No "girlyman" scrubs as "Arnold" my governor would state . Alot of catalogue scrub companies only offer generic uniforms for both sexes.
    Maybe I should order scrubs similar to flight RN's or ambulance crews. These offer alot of pockets and instrument holders.
  7. by   melpn
    I have some scrubs with slim stretch knit panels on the sides and I love them. They have a nice shape to them and you can move very comfortably. A very nice feature.
  8. by   aerorunner80
    I would like to see scrub tops and bottoms made with material that has a little stretch in it so we could wear scrubs that are more form fitting and less boxy.

    I would also like to see scrubs made out of cool max material or if that is cost prohibitive, I'd like to see scrub tops with a 3 or 4 inch stripe of cool max material down each side for ventilation. It never fails that I will break out into a sweat when I am at work no matter how cool it feels in the hospital.

    What I have also noticed is that it is hard to find colored tops that have pretty embrodery on them. A lot of the female nurses where I work have to wear white tops and they find them in all different kinds of styles with or without embrdery (sp?). I'd like to see the same options for more solid color tops. We have to wear blue at work. It can be any shade of blue but ceil.
  9. by   Rage
    I searched far and wide for the scrubs I have and finally found Cherokee workforce scrubs. 2 cargo pockets on each side, a back pocket 2 "regular pockets in the front with a zippered fly, elastic waist band with tie. Jersey has pen pocket with a left breast pocket. Being a dood.......cleavage isn't a problem with me so the V-neck is fine.
    Now what would I change, probably just a right breast pocket, a long narrow pocket with wider top piece so the stethoscope could slide down it, sized pockets for scissors, velcro on the cargo pockets.
  10. by   Ms Kylee
    Hunter green should be outlawed.....
  11. by   liebling5
    Marie, THANK YOU for the thought about 36" inseams. I'm taller than regular, but hate paying extra $ for a couple more inches of fabric.
  12. by   al7139
    I want them to be useful.
    Here are my answers:

    1.I look for fit, especially in the pants. I am a petite person, so lots of brands require alteration, since they do not have petite sizes. I also want pants that look fashionable, but are comfortable. I look for pockets in the scrub tops. I almost never use the pockets in the pants, but I have never found a top with the right pockets. As a female, I don't want a breast pocket, I will never use it.
    2. I woul dchange the fit for females. Go to sizing rather than S,M,L,XL.
    3. Best colors are navy, dark green, or any dark color.
    4. I carry everything in my pockets. Pens, penlights, scissors, hemostats, alcohol swabs, etc.
    5. Nurses wear solid colors where I work no prints unless its a holiday.
  13. by   traveller
    [font="palatino linotype"]

    thank you for inviting us to make suggestions on scrub designs. every thing, just about, has already been put out there. i want to also say that i hate, hate those v necklines! i never buy scrubs because of that. i would want a neckline that hugs the neck but does not choke. the material would be long wearing but not thick. i have menopause and if the material is too thick or too cashmere-y i boil. i would like the design to be simple, like a scrub uniform is already. i carry scissors, pens, pencils, work sheet and sometimes alcohol swabs (but i try not to do that, because i end up washing them in the laundry and when the label is washed off it is silver aluminium, in case you wanted to know) on the left front top pocket. and that pocket always wears out--tears, gets a hole. on the other pocket i put kleenex, marker for tubes, extra pen, in case ink runs out on the main pen. i carry the stethoscope around my neck. i don't like darts ---too irritating on my skin. colors -- i love solid, pale, sky blue- soft pale pink, and khaki. and i have a wide hip in the back (from having children) and wide doesn't mean wide legs, ok? and for lab coats, i wonder if there is a thinner and long lasting material so they won't be so warm to wear when i have to wear one.