What is normally acceptable?

  1. I'll be a CNA next month. I may end up working for an agency at first, so I will rotate between several nursing homes and hospitals.

    What kind of shoes do I need? Will I be ok with any white sneakers or are some facilities strict about the shoes being completely white, or...what? I want to make sure none of the facilites will have a problem.

    Will I be all right if I get some white New Balance or Saucony's or is it better to get something a little more traditional looking that I can wipe off if they get dirty?

    I have wide feet at the toes. Suggestions?
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  3. by   Desconocido
    You can chek out divisoria
  4. by   DolceVita
    New Balance does a plain white shoe that can be wiped (it is leather). I think it is the 575. I have a pair of Reebok white leather shoes I got at Penney's. Wide fit and they are great.
  5. by   CNA2day
    I have a pair of new balance which i love, HOWEVER WORD OF WARNING! Do not get anything meshy... The pair I have I used to use for waitressing so I started wearing them to work and it is sooo gross when your foot gets urinated on and it soaks into your shoe and sock! EWWWWW
    As soon as i can afford an upgrade I am ditching these nasty things int eh trash(no amount of sanitizer will help me from thinking about how gross these shoes are!)