What do you carry your pens, tape, scissors, etc in? - page 4

I was wondering, what do you nurses out there carry your supplies in? You know what I mean. All those pens, tape, scissors, hemostats, alcohol wipes, EKG calipers, mini calculator, etc, etc, etc. ... Read More

  1. by   coleen
    I keep my cigarettes and lighter in my pocket - the rest i run back and forth for like adhd nurse on speed. I keep alot around my neck on a light band that holds med keys, watch, pen and if I dared wear a fanny pack I probably would not be able to reach it or find it due to my own natural fanny pack being so large - it would be just as easy to run back to the med cart! Do they make extensions on those things - can I order from Lane Bryant? Besides my residents would have nightmares of the fanny pack that ate the Southwing.
  2. by   KaraLea
    All I have to carry with me is 2 blue pens, unit keys keyring, and med-room keyring. Not to mention change for the soda machine. I keep my scissors in my bag in the med-room, I work Psych so can't have anything in my pocket that can be used as a weapon. 2 pens because I can't seem to keep them for long and I do not like the ones they provide here so I bring my own.
  3. by   scorpio56
    so funny- unfortunately i "resemble" that nurse.
  4. by   DixieRedHead
    Stethoscope around my neck. Scissors and pen in my pocket. Tape on my hemostats, clipped to the bottom of my scrub top. Don't need a calculator. Phone in my locker.