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I was wondering, what do you nurses out there carry your supplies in? You know what I mean. All those pens, tape, scissors, hemostats, alcohol wipes, EKG calipers, mini calculator, etc, etc, etc. ... Read More

  1. by   oorah nurse
    I use a 250cc IV bag. Cut the top off and fold over. Works great in a pinch and keeps the poskets from getting ink stains.
  2. by   RNforLongTime
    Well, it doesn't look like anyone uses the fanny packs. I used my scrub coat pockets again last night. Too much stuff to carry around. It hurst my shoulders after awhile. Then I had to take my coat off as the hospital "forgot" to put the A/C on and the place was an oven!

    Thanks to all for your replies!
  3. by   recnurse1
    Hi everybody, I'm a newbie here. This looked like a good place to get my feet wet. I'm an LPN, working toward ADN, and I work in a Special Ed school. Severly multi-handicapped kids. I'm on the go all day with G-tube feeds, meds, yadda yadda... anyway... I have to carry a lot of stuff, cause a kid always needs a band-aid when I'm across the school from my office! LOL BTW, half the school is Alternative ED... ADHD,etc. My fanny pack is part of me like my scrubs! I ran out of pockets, cause I carry my cell phone in case I need 911 and I 'm in a classroom, or the RN is covering her other building and I need to get her quickly. I also got myself a really nice CPR mask, that I carry and it takes a lot of room. And I recently got myself a stethoscope cover, and it is a god-send to my neck! OK... I guess I introduced myself, so talk to you soon! This is a great site!!
  4. by   BKPruitt
    this is great! :roll

    the posters on this site just rock! :kiss
  5. by   soon2bLPN
    I will be starting nursing classes in August and was wondering what I will be needing for clinicals?
  6. by   micro
    Please forgive me all, but when you have been doing this a "couple of days", you too' will also be fortunate to remember what a bandaid scissor is, let alone............

    and of course, I am sure I am in the minority here.................

    but just had to say................

    go to the bookstore and buy...............

    "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff at Work"

    and other 'small stuff' books.............

    come on people, there is more to life than this.........

    and I am goin' to my psych. on _________

    love to all
  7. by   nialloh
    I got a small pouch with 2 pockets when I was in Nursing school. It fits well in scrub pockets. In it I fit 4 pens, a black marker, a highlighter, 2 hemostats, a ruler (thin), and a primacor chart. All fits in my right pocket. Left pocket has tape, note book, swabs, and a postit pad. In my chest pocket I have normally 5 pens (you want a colour, I've got it) and my ID. On my belt I have my PDA and flashlight. I thank God that I only have 3 pockets, as I can only guess what I'd carry if I had more. I saw some great ideas here that I might try.

    Thanks all.
  8. by   Shandy12
    Pockets, I use all my pockets.......I need a change purse though. Canadian loonies and toonies are heavy and awkward.....

  9. by   NSDRN
    I guess I'm a minimalist like Heather! Left pocket has my cheat sheet, and pen. Right pocket has hemostats and scissors. Stethoscope goes around the neck. That's it. In the ICU where I work alcohol pads, tape, tegaderm and practically everything else you can think of is kept in the patient's room. Keeps it simple. Of course I still have my humongous nursing bag with everything but the kitchen sink which I keep in a drawer at my station. I know several nurses who use the id badge clips to hook their scissors, hemostats, etc to their belt loops or pants pockets.
  10. by   KaraLea
    My pockets, the one day I didn't have any pockets I locked myself out of the med-room twice.

    :imbar :imbar :imbar
  11. by   AmandaDawn
    Mine goes in my pockets. All of them. I usually have a few black pens a Permanent marker, breath mints, chap stick, money, highlighter, and whatever else I pick up along the day. Someone needs to invent something better tho fanny packs ain't for me
  12. by   adrienurse
    Downsize honey. I only carry 1 red pen, 1 black pen, permanent marker, mechanical pencil, bandage scissors and chapstick (the air is dry up here).

    Some questions though:
    1. How does one carry the pagers/ cell phones that some bosses make you carry. I always dump them out of my pockets onto the floor when I bend over!
    2. Has any one ever put any thought the the amount of bacteria spread by way of that pen in Your pocket?
    -Ad RN BN GNC(C)
    Originally posted by adrienurse
    Downsize honey.
    AMEN! I secretly giggle to myself when I see nurses with tons of stuff holstered all over their body! I only carry the minimum, and I wish I could narrow that down a little!

    As for the pagers, ours have those little clips on them. I just clip it on to my scrub pants. There is one that doesn't have a clip on it, and I hate that one! That beeper is just another thing weighing down my poor scrub jacket!

    I wouldn't know what kind of germs are on my pen.... I can't seem to keep one for the course of an entire shift!