Studio B by Cherokee

  1. Has any one else tried these scrubs out??

    I just got a job at the largest hospital in our city... and they simplified the scrubs by colors per department.

    Basically RNs/LPN's where solid Marroon....Doc's where tealish color....and all other patient care staff wears Navy!!

    Well I hate navy so had never bought a single pair of scrubs in that color...

    Today I went to several scrub shops around town because my BF and I both needed a few scrubs.
    We ended up settling at the store I wanted to go in the first place (20% discount and biggest selection).
    I needed a pair of Navy scrubs I could walk out of the store in and could order more but needed at least one set...

    After struggling going through brand after brand (btw LA Rose is not for curvy women) the clerk took me to the front where they had just got STUDIO B SCRUBS BY CHEROKEE in... these were the best scrubs I have ever wore in my life!!

    I am busty and always got my tops a size bigger to allow movement in the back of the scrubs...this made my waist look huge and me feel boxy!!

    This was not an issue with these scrubs they were made with spandex, cotton, and lycra. They are so cool and lightweight and gave enough stretch I was able to get a size that looked form flattering and allowed movement!!

    So I guess my point is if you haven't tried them try them... also if anybody knows of other scrubs like these please let me know!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I've seen some stretchy type scrubs in catalogs but don't remember them being specifically Studio B. Will have to try a set.