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  1. A coworker gave me a Mccoy stethoscope that has never been used (still in the box). She was a medic in the army and no longer has a use for it. I am starting RN clinicals in the fall and want to know if this stethoscope will be fine to use for clinicals? It seems like everybody on here says that Littman is the best to have, but would it be ok to use the Mccoy and then once finished school switch to a Littman? Or don't bother and just buy a Littman from the beginning? I am on a tight budget so if I can save the expense I would like to but also don't want to short change my clinical experience with a bad stethoscope. I tested it out on my husband and son and it seems to work okay?
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  3. by   CrufflerJJ
    Use your free McCoy 'scope. IF, down the road, you decide it doesn't meet your needs or you want a Littman or other 'scope, get it.

    Stethoscope use is mainly about practice, not the instrument itself - like many other things in life.
  4. by   jhodaki, RN
    I completely agree. I used a really cheap stethoscope in nursing school and got by. Once I graduated I bought myself a nice one, and that's when you really start the learning anyway. You get tons more practice when you are actually working in the field. Go with the freebee!!
  5. by   CrufflerJJ
    About the only thing that would be hideous yet useable "OOOOGLY" in my humble opinion, would be the "disposable" 'scopes used for patients in isolation for some odd disease. These 'scopes are usually light weight (flimsy) plastic, with hard earpieces & very thin tubing. They'll work, but they're not especially comfortable.