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No matter who I talk to, everyone has different opinions on shoes. I realize that everyone's comfort varies and different shoes fit people differently. So...what is your shoe of choice and why?... Read More

  1. by   kayte26
    i have really nice adidas running shoes with built-in gel inserts that are really comfortable,and they are all i wear..i love them!! and theyre really cute cuz they're silver and hot pink too! lol
  2. by   shrimpchips
    i just got a pair of nursemates and they are very comfortable, lightweight and have arch support
  3. by   SaraO'Hara
    Quote from Indy
    Interesting. I got my ruler out and it seems I've worn just over 1/4 inch off the lateral sole of the heel of my dansko's. Just the work ones though; I have a brown pair that don't see very much wear and they are still in good shape. Maybe I'll look into anti-pronation insoles. Or maybe I'll try filleting a pair of dr. scholls insoles from the grocery store.
    I have that problem, eventually, with all my shoes - pigeon-toed-ness. I have to consciously turn my feet straight while walking. When we lay down, my husband's feet go \ / and mine go / \ .