Shoes for nursing school

  1. I am starting nursing school August 21st (very excited and nervous). My program requires us to wear leather shoes (any color) to our sim lab. However, I'm having trouble finding some! Looking for suggestions for shoes. I prefer tennis shoes over clogs, and they cannot have ANY mesh on them. Thanks!!!!
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  3. by   soutthpaw
    Are you male or female, that would help, usually schools want ones that are non-absorbent and can be wiped clean if soiled in any way so canvas, suede etc are out. Leather nursing shoes on Amazon give 1,186 results. does free returns if they don't fit from what I understand. I do not understand how you are having trouble finding some.
  4. by   karlisigmon
    So sorry, I'm a female. I was just looking for suggestions on good shoes other people like. I understand that many shoes pop up upon searching. I didn't mean that I couldn't find ANY shoes, I simply meant I was looking for suggestions on supportive shoes other nurses or students liked.
  5. by   Stevie BSN, RN
    I'm loving Jaanuu's new shoes.. They're a slip on, vegan leather, and super comfy! They're a little pricey but if you go on their Instagram, look through their images that they've been tagged in, you can find someone with a promo to get $20 off in their picture description..

    Footwear - Jaanuu
  6. by   Landc
    I know everyone will give you recommendations on what works best for them, but I just wanted to encourage you to find a reputable running store in your area and have them do an assessment of your feet and your walking/running style. They can have you walk around or run on a treadmill for just a few moments and basically watch to see your pronation and can make suggestions (even if it isn't a shoe that they carry) for something that would be comfortable based on their observations of your pronation and arches.

    I wore Nikes to work for years "just because" and once I was actually fitted for appropriate shoes, (neutral pronation, very high arches), it has made ALL the difference. I can walk/run around on 16 hour shifts with no foot pain or discomfort now. (I wear a neutral New Balance for work but am looking for something with no mesh for clinicals, as well.)

    (P.S. I heard "Danskos" from nearly everyone I talked to and am still mulling over whether or not I want to shell out the $130 or so for them... I have Herrington rods from scoliosis surgery 10 years ago so shoes are hit or miss and that's a lot to spend to potentially hate them. Haha) Good luck in your search!!!