shirts under scrubs

  1. I'm starting a BSN program in a few weeks and am typically cold all the time. I'm almost positive I'm going to need to wear a shirt under my scrubs. What are the best options out there? I am tall (my arms are longer than average) so I need a decent sleeve length. What do you all wear for warmth under scrubs?
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  3. by   turnforthenurse
    I always wear a long sleeve thermal because I am ALWAYS cold. I don't know about sleeve length (because they are just a tad long me) but I love the thermals from Target. I think they're about $8-$10/ea.
  4. by   yousoldtheworld
    I don't often wear a shirt under them, only in the winter, but when I do, I find that Old Navy has long sleeve tees that I can usually find for around 12 bucks that are perfect. Not too thick, not too thin, and come in several colors. Here's what the website has right now:

    I wouldn't go for anything TOO thick because once you get on the floor and working, you won't be as cold - you'll likely be surprised at the amount of running around you'll have to do.
  5. by   wtrang
    I just wear long sleeve shirts I get from Target/Walmart/Khols/Hollister/AE/etcetcetc.

    Some people I know, mostly guys, they wear hoodies underneath their scrub tops if they're big enough
  6. by   symphie
    I get my long sleeve shirts from Old Navy and Target. Target's long sleeve shirts from "Mossimo Supply Co." are my favorites to wear under scrubs.
  7. by   chloecatrn
    I second the vote for Old Navy's t-shirts. I hate thick shirts under my scrubs.
  8. by   O81Meg
    Thanks all! I went to old navy and they had some in the clearance section. Less than $6 each.
  9. by   Shuggypie
    I buy long sleeve Hanes t-shirts from this Hanes outlet store. I usually get item H5580, and stock up when they are on sale. They are lightweight and continue to look good even after washing. They also have good deals on underwear as well.