1. Where is a good place to buy scrubs online and does it matter what kind they are or does it differ from place to place? Like LTC facilities and hospitals as an example.
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  3. by   Jessie8697,,, and are all great places to buy scrubs online.

    I'm not sure what you mean about it mattering what kind they are... I know that certain schools require a certain color and so do certain hospitals, depending on your program and level of education. It usually does not matter what brand, as long as you fulfill the color requirement. Hope this helps!

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  4. by   elkpark
    I see that you are posting this in the Nursing Student Assistance forum -- if you are talking about scrubs as student uniforms at school, do not spend any money on anything without verifying first what the specific requirements of your school's dress code are. Some schools don't care -- others are v. particular and require you to get the uniforms from a particular supplier, a specific style, etc.
  5. by   beth66335
    Yeah, at my school they didn't care what scrubs we purchased as far as brand, but we couldn't have cuffs on the pants. They also had to be completely white, no colored decorations or trim.
  6. by   scrublifenurse10
    depends on if u r looking for work or school...most schools have a set uniform

    if it's for work look at they have great styles, brands, and really good prices
  7. by   nursestuff321 is having a sale on Cherokee and Grey's Anatomy Scrubs. The coupon for the GA is on the front page. The Cherokee coupon is CHER10. It gives you an additional 10% off.