Pastel Scrubs Tops

  1. Hello everyone,
    I just got my first nursing job they require pastel color scrubs and white pants. I have the white scrub pants leftover from nursing school. I bought cheap (and ugly) scrubs the other day. I bought the bare minimum I needed, but I want better quality scrubs with decent shipping time. Which brands would you recommend to buy online?Looking forward to the recommendations.
    I need tops with at least two pockets, small to medium in size, and not in mint green.
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  3. by   Wa_Kit
    I shop local scrub shops on sale and build up my scrubs quickly by shopping amazon on pay day for a set or even just a top or bottom.

    I wear Caribbean, grey, and slate, sometimes navy. I have some seasonal scrubs as well.
  4. by   Calalilynurse
    Uniform advantage has a good selection but shipping is kinda high $7 per item and decreases the more you spend. Amazon is free shipping over $25 for select items and they have a good but not as extensive. Sometimes hospitals have deals with local scrub shops for a certain percentage off and payroll deduct. Walmart has cute scrubs their higher ends ones scrubstar are about $36-40 for top and bottom. They last and hold up just as well as the name brand in my life opinion and I've gotten compliments on them just like my grey anatomy scrubs.