Nursing socks... Do they help? And what kind to buy?

  1. I am wondering if anyone on the AN thinks that the nursing socks they sell at uniform stores help any with leg fatigue. By the end of the day, my legs were dragging so I bought 3 pairs to try them out. After 2 days, they seem to help. But I'm wondering if it will last. So, does anyone else wear nursing compression socks? Also, could you share which brand and how much compression works for you?

    Anything to prevent feeling like poo when I get home is a plus!
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  3. by   RN 033
    I won't go to work without them they make a big difference in my energy level. I purchase mine from They have a wide variety to choose from. I like the light weight moderate support. My teenage daughter works on her feet all day and also uses them.
  4. by   wannabecnl
    I have a few pairs, and I think they help, though not as much as the right shoes. I have a pair of Adidas "muscle recovery socks" that are really ugly but work well (mine are charcoal gray with a poison green stripe around the foot that shows through my T-strap clogs!). I don't know where you can get them (they were a gift), but maybe Sports Authority or Dick's Sporting Goods would have something similar. I bought another pair of white compression socks at Work 'N Gear that are fine, and the third pair I have had forever was too tight at the top, so I keep stretching them after I wash them.

    I wash these socks in cold water and hang them up to dry to preserve the elasticity. Like I said, though, for me, shoes make a bigger difference; when my compression socks are dirty, I can wear regular socks as long as they don't have a tight cuff at the top.
  5. by   RunnerRN2015
    I found that the calf sleeves I wear for recovery after I run work awesome! Mine are by Zensah. You can also get them in knee socks (but I'm too picky about my running socks so I like the calf sleeves). Runners swear by them!
  6. by   Wrench Party
    I also run, and I wear both medical grade compression socks and regular athletic compression for when I'm on the floor.
    I used to get dependent edema in my feet when I would wear regular socks and run on top of that, so they help a lot.
  7. by   PalmHarborMom
    Thanks to everyone for responding! Just got home and I can tell that I was on my feet all day but the socks are still working. My legs feel great!

    I wear Nursing Mates shoes and they are much more comfortable for a long day than the Rockports that I had previously.

    Thanks again!
  8. by   littlestbird
    I tell every nurse I know to try Sockwells Circular Compression socks...they're super cute merino wool so they don't look like old lady orthopedic garb. I'm gonna check out some calf sleeves too now!
  9. by   Camladybug17
    Any good quality compression sock for nursing, running, training, etc. will be good. You may try Thor lo Experia running socks for compression & excellent cushioning in the heal & at the ball of the foot. However, they are a no show sock. Knee High compression are best for being on your feet for extended hours. Also for 6 hour+ shifts change into a 2nd pair of socks. This promotes airing out & drying of the feet. Try to get moisture wicking compression socks.
    It's also in the shoes like someone above said. Pick shoes with a good support system for your specific needs & a good cushioning system. You can also add a top quality insole to add support & cushioning to most shoes. Look for Spenco or Sof Sol. My advice for shoes would be Asics or New Balance walking or cross training shoes if you have to wear leather shoes. Otherwise the Asics or New Balance in running shoes or Saucony, Brooks, or Mizuno running shoes.
    Go to Luke's Locker if you have one and have them fit you for shoes. The Sports Authority, Dick's Sporting Goods, or Academy Sports & Outdoors are okay too. I worked in/around footwear at The Sports Authority for a few yesrs. Also a top notch place is The New Balance Store if you have one. Good luck!
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