No scrub tops?

  1. Anybody know what the deal is with Cherokee big sized (4X/5X) tall scrub tops? I'm a big guy (6'3", 300+) and for years have worn the Cherokee 4876T in 4X or 5X Tall in Navy. My current supply is just about worn out to pajama status. I set out to order some new tops and the tops that I am looking to purchase (Cherokee 4876T or WW695T), I cannot find anywhere in Navy blue in size 4X Tall or 5X Tall. Any suggestions or anybody know who has these IN STOCK and/or what the deal is with Cherokee?
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  3. by   ThePsychWhisperer
    After a tiring search, the only one I was able to find was this one:

    Professionals by Cherokee Workwear Men's V-Neck Utility Solid Scrub Top | a.

    Apparently, there's not much demand for 4xlT/5xlT.
  4. by   Rita Hale
    You can check from i have recently ordered my cherokee scrub top from and they are all what i want..
  5. by   AnnieNP

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