Maxiscope Ultrascope? Good/Bad???

  1. Hi there - I just ordered the maxiscope - I'm not really in need of anything TOO flashy from a design standpoint. Am I to assume (in reading other posts), that the maxiscope is the SAME steth as the Ultra (just without the design patterns/engraving?). Can I get a good solid blood pressure w/ this thing or what? I am so SICK of hauling around my monster Lidman Cardio Steth for quick head to toe assessments... I'll keep it on standby for those important apicals, but honestly... it ways like 3 lbs and is HIDEOUS! I'm SO hoping my new maxiscope will do the job - quick, accurate BP (no machines at my clinic: )! ) and some easy bowel sounds... any thoughts?
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  3. by   kathy_bear
    hello! i bought a yellow maxiscope online and i must say it's waaaaayyy better than littman lightweight. i got it for $48 shipping included..

    it's so cute
  4. by   j_tay1981
    I was wondering this too - how does a MaxiScope differ in quality compared to an Ultrascope? Is a MaxiScope a good, sensitive scope to use? I keep reading how you can auscultate through layers of clothing with these things - that would be a handy feature to have!
  5. by   j_tay1981
    I got to use a friend's bright red Maxiscope and I must say: after fiddling with it (it's pressure sensitive) I can hear really well out of it. I like that it looks almost toy-like; I can see this being of value b/c it doesn't look super serious like some other scopes out there. The one I tried had cardiology tubing (the 2-into-1) tubes, and sounded nice and clear. I could take a manual BP with it easily as well. I wish it had a non-chill rim or something, but I suppose I can just warm it up with my hand before using it...

    Overall I was surprised by the Maxiscope (maybe Ultrascope is as good or better?)

    As a side note, my friend told me that the lady at the uniform store who sold it to her said that the American Red Cross nurses in my community all use bright red Maxiscopes. I thought that was interesting (goes with their color scheme!)