Is weight an issue concerning a Stethoscope

  1. Like you never heard this statement before, but here goes..... I need help with the purchase of a stethoscope. I will be starting my nursing program in Sept. and I need to purchase a Stethoscope. My Aunt would like to purchase me one and she is EXTREMELY well off and money has never been a concern. So do I join the rank and file of my classmates and go for the Littmann Classic II SE or upgrade and go for the Littmann Cardiology III. I know the Cardiology is a little a heavier and top of the line, but is it overkill for a entry level nursing student!!! (plus I wouldn't want to look like a little snot on my clinicals with a $150.00 piece of equipment around my neck
    Any input would be appreciated. Thanks so much and have a great day.
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  3. by   rn/writer
    Maybe if she is willing, you could ask for two stethoscopes--a very nice model that you will "grow into" as you learn to appreciate cardiac nuances AND an inexpensive one for school. Until you have trained yourself to be aware of where your stuff is at all times, you could lose the nice one and end up feeling terrible about it. And truthfully, you can do what you need to as a student with a pretty basic model.

    If you explain that the inexpensive one is like training wheels for the real deal, she might go for the idea.
  4. by   cardiacRN2006
    Have her get you the fancy one, but get yourself a cheapie. You'd hate to lose the littman at clinicals (very real possibility).
  5. by   jackp1002
    You nurses are so ******* smart!!!!!

    Thanks so much for the input guys!!!!!!!