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I recently purchased the pink Breast Cancer special edition littman stethoscope. I just started a job and am on classroom orientation, so I havent even used my new stethoscope yet. It was thrown in... Read More

  1. by   quetepye
    Quote from mrsstiltner
    I finally contacted 3M, and they said that if you send it in to their service center, they will replace the tubing (with any color you want) for free, since the pink tubing seems to have such a problem.
    Thanks so much! I can't wait to have a "clean-looking" stethoscope again! Yuck...
  2. by   VegasSummers
    I have the the Breast Cancer Awareness stethoscope and I had the same markings.

    My clinical was a lifesaver and told me "Armor all your stethoscope" I did that and the scuffs came right off. Hope that helps
  3. by   Want2baGoodRN

    I know it is a little late...two products that have worked when all else fails for me:

    KB Wonder Cloth (I even use to keep my white Danskos white)
    Goo B Gone (removes tar, gum, glue, etc.)

    Ruth Ann
  4. by   BabieRN1106
    I have been a nurse 26 years and have always used a littman stethoscope. The tubings do not clean easily and when you use the things that are being suggested like alcohol the tubing gets stiff. Unfortunately you are going to have to send it back to 3m and they will change the tubing. One thing I did learn is to hold on to the box and when storing it in your backpack or work tote keep it in the box. You can download the form to send it back at 3m website
  5. by   RunnerLuv
    Quote from Marymoomoo
    Well, yes, technically. The polymer inside the sponge activates when wet and is abrasive on a microscopic level. The sponge itself is not abrasive like a scotch pad or steel wool. For example, you could rub the dry sponge back and forth on the back of your hand and it wouldn't scratch (not that I'm recommending anyone try it!).
    Actually, I used it before on the back of my hand to get permanent marker off, dumb idea, had a huge scab after a day or so. Its abrasive.
  6. by   southeRNyankeee
    Oh wow! I hope they are still willing to replacing the tubing because I have the same dingy pink Littmann. I'm going to call in the morning...
  7. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    I know that whenever my stethoscope gets marked up and gross I just use the hospitals chemiwipes and that seems to get anything out. I even use it on our whiteboards when some people use permanent magic markers instead of the dry erase ones! XD

  8. by   Hope2Be
    my pink steth was also ruined by ink, then the ink just kept spreading all down the tubing..only had it 2 weeks during clinicals ...such a disappointment...