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:wavey: I just read an article in the Miami Herald about these shoes. The reporter wore them for 1 month and wrote an article for each week. They help reduce cellulite --She lost 1" from each of her... Read More

  1. by   catlvr
    I wore MBTs thru clinicals, and bought a pair as a graduation gift for myself *Smile*. I just wore them over the weekend for my 16 hour shift as a med nurse at a psych hopsital (geri - so I do a lot of walking!). I can honestly say that these shoes are the most wonderful support and well worth the investment, since I was sure that their good effect would not last for 16 hours of hard work. Since I've been wearing them the last few months, I do feel stronger in the core, and my feet are not sore at the end of the day. Danskos are terrific, but I'm committed to MBTs.

  2. by   kerry123
    I just bought these 2 weeks ago and have been trying to decide if I should wear them in clinical. I found them at a local store on sale for $180. They are incredible comfortable, I wore them today working out and there was a big difference, my muscles were aching at a much lower lower activity level.
  3. by   timpanzee
    A woman from my church wears them and lost tons of weight with only walking in them. I tried them on, very weird, and were very ugly, but more designs coming out now, not so bad,. I may just go back and try them again.
  4. by   Abigail25
    I have MBT's. I love them! No more leg pain, lower back pain or burning feet. I've worn Nike's, Danskos, Crocs, Merrels and several different orthotics. MBT's surpass them all in quality and comfort.
    Zappos has some of their new styles. Mine look like sneakers.
  5. by   glenallenrn
    I jusr got my first pair and LOVE them!!!!! I got a new pair of Danskos which triggered the plantar problems and heel spurs which I didn't know I had. The MBTs help my feet so much. When I don't have them on, my feet miss them! During my off time, I wear them to run around in. WARNING>>>>Be careful climbing stairs the first time. My thighs felt like rubber! If you decide to take the plunge, good luck! I can't say enough good about them, other than the price.:chuckle
  6. by   FLOBRN
    Hey all. Ok here is my take on MBT's. I bought a pair about a year ago and almost had a heart attack at the price. I even considered taking them back the next day, however did not. I am 50, hips were getting a bit achy and the ol' plantar fascia was beginning to give me some problems. I work 12 hour nights on labor and delivery - usually do my 6 in a row. Now, it took like 2 shifts for all my miseries to disappear. When I think of going back to my Avia sneakers they now feel like there is no padding at all. I have no idea about the reduction in thighs, cellulite ect. Never bought them for that aspect. They DO give you a bit more of a workout, but if you are thinking of buying them only for the possible improvement in cellulite ect I would say forget it. If you want them because they take the strain off of your joints and feet - go for it.

    PS anyone know of a couple of RN's looking for L&D? We need help LOL
  7. by   ElvishDNP
    I have heard conflicting reports on MBTs. I have heard some people with PF say they are God's gift to feet, and others say they hate them. I guess it's like anything else - depends on the individual.
  8. by   glenallenrn
    I'm not sure about "tons of weight" but I have lost about 8 pounds and the only thing that changed was my shoes!
  9. by   RDW13
    I tried them on and loved them for the short time I walked around the store. I needed an all-white pair for school, and I was afraid to spend the money and be told I could not wear them because of the color. I plan on getting a pair after graduation or sooner if they come out with an all-white pair that would be acceptable for clinicals for my school.
  10. by   gemini901d
    I bought a pair of the Chung Shi's (all white leather). Their similiar to the MBT's. I've worn them for about a month now. They did feel strange for the first few minutes but I think they feel great so far. I had/have what feels like a serious heel spur on my left foot, but these shoes do help out a lot. I almost don't feel it with the Chung Shi's on. Although I still do some after they're off. I'm hoping that after a few months with these maybe I won't need cortisone or surgery. At $250 they're steep, but still a cheaper alternative than the former. We will see. J
  11. by   glenallenrn
    A fellow nurse recommended your brand to me when I was looking to get another pair of MBTs. I heard they felt similar to them. Please let me know your progress...thanks!
  12. by   NURSERATCHET12
    I've got the Orthotebb Clogs in White and Navy. They are cool and very much a workout. The site says you burn about twice the calories walking in them as regular shoes and boy, can I feel it. They work your entire leg muscles and even your lower back and rear end.

    I've had them about a year now and have lost lots of inches in my thighs, hips, rear and yes, cellulite is very diminished. It's the workout the shoes cause, kind of like a walking stairmaster. I thought at first they would make me tired, but I now wear them an entire shift and my legs still feel lively at the end. The only drawback that I can see is my regular shoes feel wierd now when I take them off. I think my legs 'miss' them when I don't wear them.
  13. by   LifeIsGood!
    This thread surprised me. I have a pair of MBTs and love them, but have never even thought of wearing them to work. They're great for walking straight forward. That's how I wear them, on a walking path. I think any side-to-side movement would be tricky, and possibly dangerous.
    In short, they're a great shoe for walking work-outs, but probably not the best thing for work.