Clog sizes

  1. I want to buy sanita clogs online but I'm not sure what size I am. In Grey's anatomy softwalks and Alegria I'm a size 38 because my US size is 8 but sanita is saying that a US size 7 to 7.5 is a 38. Anyway, if anyone has worn these shoes, do you find you are the same size in all 3 shoes?
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Sanitas, like Danskos, are hand made. That means that there are individual variations in shoes -- one size 38 pair may fit you about the same as a size 37 or 39 pair. The best thing to do is go into a brick and mortar store and try on several pairs -- see which size fits you the best. Or which pair in which size. Alternatively, order three pairs, keep the ones that fit best and return the other two pairs.

    I've found that I'm a smaller size in Birkenstocks, larger in Danskos and Sanitas and Alegrias just felt weird on my feet. Your feet will be different.
  4. by   Wuzzie
    I have to go one size up from what I get in Danskos when I buy Sanitas. So 36 in Danskos and 37 in Sanitas. I'm a 5.5-6 so having to size up surprised me but it's been consistent through several purchases.
  5. by   ventmommy
    I have 11 pairs of Danskos (size 40) and 5 pairs of Sanitas (size 40). One pair of Sanitas and one pair of Danskos are a smidge tight but they are all handmade so there is some variation. In sneakers, I wear a 9.5 US.