Cleaning my Littmann

  1. I've just advised someone not to buy the breast cancer edition Littmann because once something gets on it (pen) it doesn't come off. I've had it now for over 6 years and various substances have stained it all over. I've tried different agents... alcohol, windex, goo gone... and nothing has made an impact. While it makes me look "aged" I don't like it. Anyone have any advice on how to remove ink from the tubing?

    "AGED"- I'm 28, been a nurse for 6 years, and I often get asked if i'm "with the high school" on a DAILY basis, and i'm a home health nurse!
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  3. by   Staragate
    [font=sans-serif]lemon juice didn't work? rubbing alcohol didn't? bleach just ate up your jeans? randomchemx just destroyed the surface of the ball?
    [font=sans-serif]clean & clear continuous control acne cleanser, which has 10% of the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide (that's the important part, other acne cleansers have the acid that is used for wart removal...) has -entirely- removed a vicious stain from my white sil-x!
    [font=sans-serif]i don't know of the affect it would have on a colored ball... buuuuut, here's the process:
    [font=sans-serif]apply thick goopiness to stain, set next to a lightbulb (about an inch away) and let it sit for several hours. remove ball and wash off goopiness. stain will be reduced and/or gone. if reduced, repeat!
    [font=sans-serif]i'm really excited about this, i'm going to use it on a juggling ball i left sitting on a receipt as well.
    this is a cleaning instruction for cleaning stained vinyl contact juggling balls. i think stethoscope tubing is made of the same stuff. see if it works and post back.
  4. by   Owloveyou
    I will give it a shot, thanks! Who would have thought, juggling balls!

    Love the Owl!
  5. by   Staragate
    Thanks. I'm a nature buff. ...and I contact juggle. Here's the website in case you are curious.

    he video says it all.
  6. by   LemonIndiscretion
    I have the breast cancer edition too and mine looks GROSS!!! I feel like it makes me look like a dirty pig every time I use it. I'll have to try this!
  7. by   Owloveyou
    Ha, nice to know i'm not the only one. Do all of the lighter colors do this? I was hoping I wasn't the only "slob" haha.
  8. by   Staragate
    ...Did you have a chance to try it yet? I'm really curious.
  9. by   Owloveyou
    I haven't but I will! I'm on day 6 of a 12 day stretch and the thought of going into Wal-mart makes me want to cry at this time.
  10. by   SunshineDaisy
    Yep, same one here too, same problem and I've only had it a year! I bought one of these Creations by Bonnie by BonnieRobbins on Etsy and LOVE it!
  11. by   Owloveyou
    Those are very neat, but we are not allowed to use them, as they can't be as easily cleaned as the tubing.
  12. by   chevyv
    I wonder if that Magic Eraser or Quick and Brite would work? Works for everything else. I hate spending all that $$ and getting it all scuffed up!
  13. by   deemd22
    Quote from chevyv
    I wonder if that Magic Eraser or Quick and Brite would work? Works for everything else. I hate spending all that $$ and getting it all scuffed up!
    I was also going to suggest the Magic Eraser. There are no chemicals involved, and it works on just about anything!

    Good Luck
  14. by   jmdRN
    Magic Eraser did NOTHING at all for the stains on my breast cancer pink Littman. Haven't tried the Clean and Clear yet...dont remember the last time I had enough acne to buy any.