Case for stethoscope?

  1. I am starting nursing school next week and just got my stethoscope (super excited!!!). I was just curious how everyone else gets theirs to/from school and clinical?

    I saw in other threads that some people use tube socks, but I was hoping to keep my stethoscope, bandage scissors, safety goggles, etc. in one place so I can just "grab and go." Just wanted to see if anyone has any recommendations or alternate suggestions?

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  3. by   tachybradyRN
    get one of these bags! the leopard print or navy blue one would have room for everything you want to carry.
  4. by   SunshineDaisy
    I have one of those bags and never use it! I bought a cheap little purse at WalMart, it's pink and looks quilted, and carry everything in there.
  5. by   MissJulie
    I use a travel toiletry bag I got at Walmart. On one side it has a big open area where I put my BP cuff and Stethoscope; the other side has some pockets that are the perfect size for alcohol preps, tape, etc., then there is still some open area on the side with the pockets where I put my penlight, reflex hammer, snellen chart, and misc. that I might need. It has double zippers on each side so that it's easy to zip and unzip and it fits into almost any tote that I've carried for clinicals or lab.
  6. by   momtofore
    I have a dopp kit I had bought for my son to use and he never did, so now my steth, cuff, watch, ID, penlight, writing utensils, bandage scissors and hemostat live in there, with room to spare for the other items I might tote to clinical. Right now we are limited as to what we can bring and cannot bring a bag of any sort so I take out what I need. But at least it is all in one place between clinical days!

    I saw quite a few inexpensive dopp kits at Target this past week.
  7. by   Rhyadawn
    I have ballistics cases for my steths, and I really like them. Two of the girls that I worked with at the clinic had their pens damage their scopes, and a couple of my classmates had the same thing happen with scissors.

    It's worth it to spend the few extra dollars if it means extending the life of your scope.