Best stethoscopes for people with hearing problems

  1. Any advices? Thx in advance
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  3. by   nutella
    Quote from Oleacronon
    Any advices? Thx in advance
    You probably want an electronic stethoscope.
    One of the nurses had an electronic stethoscope because she was wearing 2 hearing aids and unable to hear anything with the regular one. Having said that - those are very expensive.
    She told me that this was the only way she was able to hear anything and it worked great!
  4. by   Oleacronon
    Has anybody used the Littmann Classic II? Do you like it?
  5. by   LoveRNBSN
    There are plenty stets available out there but I would definitely aim to get the electronic ones where you can adjust the volume and so forth. The only thing with those that some have told me is that sometimes they can misguide you as you get "fuzzy noise" at times. Never used one personally, but it's what I've been told.
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