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Do any of you use antimicrobial stethoscope covers and/or can you recommend them? Do they distort or muffle the sound at all? I found one company who made one called the Safeseal. If any of you... Read More

  1. by   CrufflerJJ
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    The quoted article is from Am J Infect Control. 2007 May;35(4):263-6.
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  2. by   mamakitty72
    For years I've used a stethoscope w/ an antimicrobial cover. For this brand stethoscope (maybe others, too), the traditional inner diaphragm is removed before the cover is placed, then the cover becomes the diaphragm. I've tried several different stethoscopes through the years, including Littmann, ADScope, DRG, WelchAllyn, and TrimLine, and the acoustics of my stethoscope w/ the antimicrobial cover are second to none -- crucial in my job as a peds cardiac nurse, where clearly differentiating heart and lung sounds is required.

    As for where to purchase them, many of the catalog and on-line uniform retailers sell the SafeSeal brand covers. I use mine longer than the recommended 1 week; they clean nicely w/ alcohol and hold up well to heavy use.