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Anyonw know of schools that just focus on prereq? BSN, ABSN, or entry MSN?

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I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "focus on prereq". Focus just on pre-requisite courses? Well, all of them do! Each and every one of your required courses for nursing school (be it pre-program or core class) is important to pass with a high grade.

That was poorly worded. I meant schools that focused on prerequisite gpa only and not your cumulative gpa. My overall GPA isnt that great, but my nursing prereqs gpa is high. I'm having a hard time with my school search. Help!

You have to look at schools in your area to figure that out. I know that in my area (eastern Va) my school only looks at required pre-reqs for consideration to the BSN program.... but unless you are willing to move to the area, that's not very helpful information for you.

I'm open to moving anywhere to pursue nursing :) There is only one BSN program that looks at prereq GPA only in my area and I plan on applying there. I want to apply to a few places, so I'm open to suggestions!

Saint Lukes College of Health Sciences in Kansas City, MO

Here is their website!

Well in that case, my school is Sentara College of Health Sciences in Chesapeake, Virginia. Its a 2.5 year program for their BSN, all prereqs must be completed before the start of the program. :)

Thank you both, that is very helpful and encouraging! Any on the west coast, perhaps?

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