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I am applying all over the place and would like to know if anyone has any good info about SJSU's nursing program? I also applied to Evergreen and Cabrillo college, but SJSU is my first choice. Im not sure if SJSU will accept me and any advice or info would help me out a lot. Thanks!

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Your best bet is to head to the horses mouth and check their website. I know a graduate from their program and he spoke well of it. All of the CSU nursing programs are intensely competitive and you will need to be near 3.8 and above with all the other requirements to make the cut. Also remember that some of the CSU's are getting upwards of 1000 applications for about 40 seats. It's really tough out there now. The general strategy for most is to apply EVERYWHERE...

Good luck



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Thanks Steve. I got into SJSU's nursing program! Im so excited and nervous.

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