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So I'm a little confused about this whole nursing admission process because I've been an engineering major for three and a half years. Anywhoo, I'm thinking about applying to Wallace and Jeff State for their ADN program but am confused as to if you have to take the nursing classes under the specified semester. I've taken A and P I and II, Micro, Stats, Nutrition, Bio, Chem, both psychologies. Pretty much all the general ed classes. This leaves me with about 6 hours per semester. So I was wondering if anyone knew if they'd let you take the next semesters nursing classes in order to be a full time student? Also, I may apply to the BSN program at JSU and UAB but my pre-nursing gpa there is roughly a 3.2. So I'm not too sure about my chances. Any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!



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I am prenursing @Jeff State, set to apply for Fall Semester. Jeff State set the acceptance for the program on grades in three of several classes, which can include AP 1 & 2, Math, Micro and the score of your Compass test. As I understand, the min point for admission is around 183 for Shelby campus. Which means you need A's in most classes - maybe 1 B and a strong Compass score....I know that you can not take any Nursing classes before admission & they have to be taken in sequence (I tried ) I have learned that you might only have only 6 hrs bt you will have clinicals & is very intense with just two classes . I did inquire at UAB (since I have a BS from there) and found the competition is pretty tough there as well. A 3.2 GPA is over the min but I do not know if it is enough. Set up an phone interview with the Prenursing advisor - she was a great help to me:saint:



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Another Alabama student here. I'm at AUM right now, but in fall I'm transferring to U South Alabama and then start nursing school Spring '10.

Both UAB and USA are very competitive on entrance, but 3.2 should be alright. Try what I'm doing to boost my chances, volunteer one shift per week at a hospital. I'm doing Baptist South in Montgomery. If all else fails, AUM, which also has an excellent program (and the most difficult clinicals), does not have a waiting list right now. However, they only accept in Spring and start in Summer. Hope this helps!


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