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You should have no problem either getting a medical waiver (your dad might be able to provide this for you or your family doc or your oncology doc) and in a lot of states a philosophical waiver (that is what I do). I would also be very weary of vaccines causing you some sort of reaction in the future. I don't think I would want to take the chance. The Hep B vaccine is not required by schools or hospitals, you should be able to sign a waiver easily for that one. I just signed one the other day actually for my new job.

The only thing that any school or hospital will require is proof of immunity to MMR diseases and can have a blood titer drawn to show immunity (cheap and easy). I had chickenpox as a kid so I'm immune to that and I had the MMR shots as a child so all my blood work and paper work showed immunity.

I think with your law degree and nursing, you could do such awesome work! Look into legal nursing or something like that.

Required vaccines vary from state to state, so it really depends on the OP's location. Hep B is required in my state. Check with your state vaccine requirements (call your local health dept. to find out or google it). There should also be information about exemptions (I don't think all states allow the religious/philo. exemption).

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