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Has anyone else used ATI , along with your nursing program? Not sure how i feel about it. any comments welcome

We have to take their CAP test at the end of each rotation. If you get a 2 or 3, you're good. If you get a 1, you have to remediate and retest. It has no bearing on grades; supposedly it indicates success with NCLEX.

We use it. I think it can be extremely helpful and I really appreciate the skills videos when I have never seen the procedure before. It gives me an idea of what to expect prior to having to practice it. I don't like the tests however. Sometimes the ATI books and modules contradict the information that my professors lecture or my textbooks that we were required to purchase contain. That is frustrating because it messes up my tests. I do like the practice questions though. We used it constantly the first semester but this semester we haven't as much. We will have to take the tests at the end of the semester just like the PP.

I have a proctored ATI exam at the end of each course. I find a lot of faults with ATI for some courses when contradictions occur. But I have found it very helpful with dosage & pharmacology.

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