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Im starting nursing school in a month. I was always book smart, as long as I study I do fine. But common sense, hahaha not to smart with that. But my question is what is the hardest part of nursing, the books or the clinicals? what was the hardest clinical you had to learn? Im thinking, catheters and IV's? I just hope I have enough common sense to do the clincials! lol. Do they give you little or alot of practice? thanks !

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I attended an LPN/LVN program in 2005 and an RN program last year. I did not insert one catheter while in either nursing program. I did not start any IVs while in either nursing program. These skills were, unfortunately, learned on the job.

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I am in an LVN program right now and so far I have only inserted one cath and started no IV's. You learn all these things in the clinical lab, but I think that TheCommuter, RN is right and you will do those when you get a job.

In my program we spent the first 12 weeks in the clinical lab practicing skills before going out into the field. I have found that the toughest part of school is keeping up with all the reading they have you do. Once clinical rotations started, it seemed that everything started to make sense and you just go into straight "nursing mode".

Good luck to you on your journey

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