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nursing school superlatives

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I'm about to graduate from nursing school, and for our graduation party, we wanted to have some fun and give out superlatives. I wanted to see if anyone has any ideas for funny superlatives related to nursing. I've got the standard ones like "most likely to succeed", "best dressed", etc. I haven't been able to find any ones that relate to nursing, clinical, or nursing school. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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Sister of the future... ?


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The most likely to show up and perform all duties, while under no stress.

annaedRN, RN

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How about the "one most likely to remember all the test questions after the test is over" or the "one who most likely to get the patient who gets an enema" or...you may make someone mad...but the "one who knew someone with every disease covered in class" Anyway, congrats on graduation and good luck with boards!:nurse:

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Haha, one of our instructors did something like this during her speech to us. She made a mention to the "one who always knew someone with every disease we discussed" and "one most likely to ask questions during lecture" or "person most likely to point out the correct answer on page 55", something to that effect.

Thanks for the great ideas... I too was looking for some "most likely" award categories for our senior banquet. I used some of your ideas and added a few more, listed below:

Most likely to be late for graduation.

Most likely to use a defibrillator on himself/herself just for fun.

Most likely to use the fire extinguisher on his/her floor just for fun.

Most likely to find a creative use for bedpans.

Most likely to marry a doctor

Most likely to get the patient that needs an enema

Most likely to be the first to join the other dark side and become Management

santhony44, MSN, RN, NP

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Magnet. Commonly heard as **** magnet but you might not want to use that. You could use "trouble magnet."

"Poop Queen/King" or "Vomit Queen/King" if you had someone who got more than her or his fair share.

Adrenalin Junkie, for the one who got really excited when they saw the code cart out in the hallway.

Class Vampire, for the student who always wanted to start IV's.

If someone really, really hated OB, "Most likely to become a midwife." For the person who was a nervous wreck through psychiatric clinical: Future Psychiatric Nurse."

Try to think of things that have happened in class or clinicals. Just so no one's feelings get hurt!


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Most likely to pass our or puke during a surgery.

Most likely to come to work ungroomed properly.

Most forgetful.

Most likely to study two seconds before the exam.

Most likely to be the class clown.

Most likely to become good friends with their patients/residents.


Most likely the person to volunteer for doubles.

Nicest heart/kindest.

Person that is most easily grossed out.

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