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I'm starting the lpn program on November 22nd, and im so excited!! My curriculum says 4 of my nursing classes are clinicals, so what is that like one clincial class a semester? The clinical classes are Nursing and Universal Needs, Nursing related to Health Deviations 1, Nursing related to Development Needs 1, and Nursing related to Health Deviation 2. I was trying to figure out online what you do in each course, but couldn't find out. Does anyone know? I know it probably sounds stupid but im just curious! are the clinical classes harder than the book classes? thanks!!

Clinicals are more fun for the following reasons:

a. Not listening to boring instructor for 8 hours a day

b. Get to interact with patients (which for me always always includes sports talk) = what nursing is all about.

c. Not listening to boring instruc... already listed that at part a.

As for those clinical rotations, Im pretty sure those titles boils down to Nutrition, Med Surg, OB/Peds, Psych Ward. Pretty sure the first one you listed is Nutrition, then the next one is Med Surg, then Peds, then Advance Med Surg.

Good luck and have fun at school.

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Clinicals are fun. You never know what you may come across and also you can see what is being practiced in the real world vs. text and theory. Like BigTim said, you don't have to listen to an instructor for 8 hours.

Congrats on getting in a LPN program! Keep up the good work, study and have fun.

you'll have clinicals twice a week or once a week probably. Clinicals are fun and you get a lot from them. Congratulations on your acceptance!!!)

I begin my Lvn program Jan. 10, 2010. Just wondering is there anything I should brush up on before classes ? is there a book anyone would recommend???

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