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Nursing School Options Around Mankato


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I am posting this with interest for my nephew who lives up there. The problem is his school guidance counselor is a real piece of work and seems to not want to help my nephew in weighing his options. I want to side with the adult, but saw it with my own eyes. Granted, he's only a rising Jr, but I can't excuse blowing a kid off that is trying to plan his future and is looking for GUIDANCE from the GUIDANCE COUNSELOR.

At any rate, the goal is to get him working in two years. Financially, a BSN is probably out of reach ... you know make too much, save too little. So, uncle Kevin looked into what he remembers as Mankato VoTech (now SSC), does anyone no about this program?

Are there wait lists? Prereqs? How does it work there, can you test as an LPN after the first year?



I am not 100% sure about South Central Technical College (formerly Mankato VoTech) LPN program but I did have a friend go through there. It took her two years for the LPN program and she was happy with the program. They have added the LPN to RN option and I do know of a gal who did her LPN course (2yrs. worth) and then started the next semester with the RN program. I think she is looking to graduate in about a year. As for wait lists, yes there can be. One student could not get into clinicals but I am not sure of the circumstances (maybe didn't have her generals all done). I do know the costs are reasonable compared to the private college that I am attending in the area (tuition is now outrageously high). Hope this helps you out.

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How it works here is that you are "awarded" points for the prereqs that you complete then admission is based on these points, GPA, history, etc.

2 years for LPN? Seems awful long.

I know they do rely on GPA for admission and other things as well. As for the two yr. LPN program, yes it does seem long. They did have the 1 yr but for some reason that changed. I am not quite sure when they switched it. Would you like the address to the school? If so, just let me know.

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There is a Regency, or is it Rasmussen, college with a LPN program also. Acceptance rubrics are common now with points given for GPA, prereq's completed, hands-on patient care experience, etc. Quite competitive with waiting lists for many programs.

hi kevin,:confused:

i noticed you on a previous thread and was wondering what study guides you used to study for the net for thomas nelson? i am going to apply there in september for the jan. semester. i already have an associate's in science from thomas nelson, so i have already taken a lot of the courses you need for nursing. but i need to brush up for the entrance exam. how do you like the program? what is the pass rate for graduates? thanks!!!!!!!!:rcgtku:

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