Nursing School Near Bogalusa,la?


Hello My name is Steve and i am moving to bogalusa,la and interested in LPN program. I need help in finding the LPN program near bogalusa,la and also what are the requirement getting in?. Also what is a LPN schedule like for students Anyone thanks


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i realize this post is quite old now...but just in case...there used to be a sullivan campus in bogalusa that had an LPN program.....I'm not sure if it's part of the louisiana technical system or not...but also there's a technical program in slidell...and there's a delta program in covington.


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I know it is out of state, so there may be extra costs, but you might want to check into Pearl River College in Poplarville, MS. It is not a far drive from Bogalusa. I went there 7 years ago and it's a great school. Not too sure about the nursing program, I wasn't originally going for nursing, but my niece graduated nursing from there and said it was wonderful.


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LLA Technical college in Bogalusa- sept and Jan start dates

Delta College in Covington, where i go, will start LPN night classes very soon, but still time. will also start another day class in the fall

let us know what you're doing!



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Delta has a night class starting Sept. 11 and a day class in Jan 2007. They just started a day class last month. For more information you can call Tena at 985-892-6651.


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I just graduated from Pearl River Community College. It's not too far from you. They had a good bit of people from all over too. Great school...good reputation.

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