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Hi Everyone! I just started nursing school last year, and we have just begun the actual nursing classes this year. I had to transfer schools to get that, and I was just wondering if you had any tips on how to get through nursing school because I got very overwhelmed on the first day because they were throwing a lot at us about our books, tests, homework, and access to a million websites we need to be on. I do not know anyone here, and I am freaking out! Any tips would be awesome thank you!


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Nursing school is very difficult and I'm sure everyone is feeling overwhelmed. My advice is to stay organized with a calendar for exams and due dates. Hand write your notes, i would often make notes from the text, then make notes from my notes, then I would make a list of the things I was having trouble remembering. I really believe all the hand writing helped me learn. I used different color pens and highlighters to make things interesting. Know when you need to take a break. Don't except to read or study for a full hour straight. If you brain starts to feel tired or you notice yourself rereading sentences, take a break. Still try to have some fun. When you are studying you need to minimize distractions. I enjoy studying outside. Sometimes I would go to the library since there is nothing else to do there but study. At home noises, TV, family, chores, and pets are all distractions. At clinical, seek out experiences. If you hear a patient is having a treatment done, ask if you can observe. Seeing something in person really helps the learning process. Carry note cards with you. You never know when you might have 5 minutes to look at your notes. You can do this! Good luck!

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