Nursing School: First Day Jitters


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Alarm clocks are going off - it's back to school!!

Many are entering unfamiliar territory and are nervous as heck.

Will I like the teacher? Will the teacher like me? Will it be hard? How hard is nursing school? Are the rumors true about nursing school? Can I really be successful? Is this really for me?

These are just some of the questions you will be thinking about.

For those who have already gone through their first day...

How do you feel now? How did you feel?

Do you have any tips to share for those just starting school?


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I am in my 4th week Accelerated BSN and I'm loving school thus far. First day of class for me included a quiz in Pharmacology Foundations. I've already had one test and moving on to the second test this week as it is an 8 week course. In my other classes I have written papers and of course for all classes the readings always keep us busy.

The best advice I can give is to plan ahead...again I say plan ahead how you will tackle the various tasks & do them one at a time(i.e. a couple hours on Pharm, take a short break then get into another class and do some readings). I always feel better once I've completed any little task because that is one less thing to do.

Each day take the time to plan out what you want to complete & do everything ahead of deadlines as much as possible. Reading chapters before class lecture helps because the material you read before class will be reiterated during lecture...and I'm learning the art of REPETITION-it really does work!

When studying, get away from the distractions as much as possible. I never liked libraries before they are way too quiet, but with this sort of material you need peace & quiet to let it soak in.

"Fall break" is a couple weeks away, but the studying continues!


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I can't add any better advice to what mp3288 wrote, that SN said it all.

I have been at this since last year. I withdrew this past February from my second semester of an ASN program, reapplied in July and got reaccepted, and am now auditing the Fall (first) semester of the program to review it before I officially re-enter the program at the point where I withdrew (Spring/second semester). So I am on my second time around with, with a class of total newbies...and I feel completely new myself! I can't say I've got the hang of it yet. I procrastinate. I mismanage my time. But I'm getting better, and my grades are good.

Like I said, the above poster said it all.

Congratulations!! May your stethoscope always hear happy heartbeats and may there always be a blood pressure cuff on hand when you need it. Oh! and a thermometer.


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Thank you for sharing your advice! I'm trying to get as many tips as I can from current nursing students, so I know what to expect and how to prepare.