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Nurses Criminal


Im currently in Nursing school. I was arrested for DWI last year before i started school and the case hasn't been resolved. My background got flag by Texas BON and i submitted the need documents. My Declaratory Order was approved and i started school for nursing. Fast forward now my case is getting resolved after be postponed for a while. My case can go either way and i might end up with a obstruction charge with probation time. My question is can i continue Nursing School while on probation and do i have to report it to BON since they already gave me the all clear before the case was over?

For updating the BON, ask your lawyer. But typically, you want to notify them about any conviction. They don't like surprises when it comes to licensing or renewing time.

For staying in school. Technically you can get a DNP as a convicted murderer. There isn't a single law against it. But the clinical sites don't have to be willing to let you in, so you won't pass those classes and you'll fail, and won't be able to graduate. Your school can also have a problem with it. Talk to your lawyer about either the DWI charge or the obstruction and probation, because that's a very touchy topic that you can completely screw yourself with, so let someone who deals with law and policy figure out what you should do on the school side of everything.

Basically, ask your lawyer.

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